Why Salmon is Awesome for Dogs

Thanks to popular culture, we think only cats get to be fancy fish connoisseurs. But did you know that dogs like a bite of salmon too? In fact, dogs gain a lot of health benefits from it and other protein-rich fish. So read on and find out why you should pamper your pooch with some salmon today! 

A quality source of protein 

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Salmon is a great source of protein for dogs. It can be an ideal alternative to other kinds of protein like chicken and beef, especially if your doggo has food allergies. If you’re considering serving this fish to your dog, choose the best and freshest fillets, rich in high-quality nutrients too, like the tasty goodness of fresh New Zealand king salmon. 

It’s oh-mega fabulous for your dog’s health 

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Aside from protein, salmon is rich in Omega-3, which helps support your dog’s heart and strengthens his immune system. Omega-3 also contributes to better skin and shinier coat, allowing your doggo to look oh-so-fabulous all the time! 

Doggo-approved taste and flavor 

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Salmon meat is fatty and oily, which makes it very tasty and flavorful. Many fish lovers consider king salmon as the best-tasting one because of its high-fat content. Look for dog food or dog treats made with king salmon and your dog will be howling for joy!

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