WATCH: ASMR Videos of Doggos Munching

ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response media has become very popular in YouTube these days. Many find it either relaxing and soothing or strange and weird. But did you know that ASMR can also be cute and funny, especially if it includes dogs? Check out these awesome ASMR videos of doggos munching on different snacks. 

Maya, Floofer and Professional Food Reviewer 

Good girl Mayapolarbear loves her fruits and veggies and would happily munch on a stalk or two any time. Watch her ASMR videos and get this floofer’s “expert” opinion on the best-tasting veggies today! 

Teemo, Ice Cream Lover and Mlermer Extraordinaire 

Watch Teemo the Toy Poodle as he enjoys his crunchy homemade ice cream bar. And here’s a BONUS: the video comes with a how-to recipe. After treating your dogs to some Awesome Pawsome all-natural dog treats, give them a homemade ice cream bar as an extra surprise! 

Kakoa teaches Sky ASMR and The Way of the Cronch 

My Mountain Husky‘s ASMR dog Kakoa guides her best friend/sister Sky on her first ASMR video. Like any snack expert worth their chomps, Kakoa knows how to play up to the mic and camera. With every blissful munch and crunch, these two make ASMR a truly gastronomic experience! 

Tucker and Journee, Food-Reviewing Couple 

Fresh off the bowl! YouTube star Tucker Budzyn seen with new girlfriend, Journee, in their first public ASMR outing! Is it a match made in heaven? Will veggie-lover Journee finally convince meat-loving Tucker that broccoli is yummy? Find out when you watch the cutest ASMR couple here! 

Like these dogs, your furry buddy can benefit from occasional fruits and vegetables too! Just remember to check with your veterinarian first if your dog can eat certain foods. Or choose a fun and healthy treat inspired by the food you love — Awesome Pawsome™ all-natural pet treats! Discover our fun snack-inspired flavors and have the best bonding time with your best buddy anytime, all the time! 


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