15 facts and info to know about the Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever facts and info

Golden Retrievers are one of the biggest and most popular dog breeds around. Despite that, they’re gentle giants with big hearts! This kindness makes them great around the house because of their friendliness and overall reliability as furry pals. You don’t have to worry about leaving kids alone with them because these doggos will do their utmost to keep watch over your little hoomans. 

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Golden Retrievers were originally hunting dogs   

The history of Golden Retrievers goes back to Scotland as early as the 1800s, where they were bred as hunting dogs.  

It started in 1865 when a businessman and dog breeding enthusiast named Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks bought a wavy-coated dog called Nous and bred him with a Tweed Water Spaniel. In 1868, the first 3 Golden Retrievers were born.  

Over time, they became known for their signature yellow and golden yellow coats, making them distinct from their other cousins like the Labrador Retriever, which has a black coat and a chunkier build.  

These big, furry pals still carry on that role and many other jobs like search-and-rescue today. They can sniff out hoomans in a pinch and call others to give them a helping hand.  

They love exercise and games  

Golden Retriever exercise and games

Golden Retrievers are an active bunch because of their origins as hunting doggos. These puppers need a lot of exercises every day to stay fit and strong, which is why they love it whenever they go for walks with hoomans.  

If you’re the sporty type, this is a great furry pal to have around with you as an exercise buddy! As long as you at least take them out for a walk every day, they’re guaranteed to be behaved and happy even if you live in an apartment.  

Just remember to spend time with them regularly because they often get bored or sad if you’re not around. If that happens, you can expect them to do things like chewing on furniture or digging holes outside the house.

They’re competitive!  

Golden retrievers love to play

Golden Retrievers are often a contender in many competitions. Whether it’s diving, obedience, or just pageants, these doggos love to strut their stuff! In February 2020, a Retriever named Daniel won the Sporting Group at the 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. He also won the Canine Good Citizen, the American Kennel Club’s gold standard for dog obedience and good manners. Earning this means your furry pal is a pro at dealing with distractions, accepting friendly strangers, and behaving politely around other dogs.   

They’re record-holders   

What better way to claim the title of world’s loudest dog than with an official Guinness World Record 

On October 2012, Charlie the Golden Retriever clocked in the loudest bark in Australia, Adelaide. It was measured at 113.1 decibels, replacing the previous 2009 record by Daz, a London-based German Shepherd who clocked in at 108 decibels.  

Another Retriever who holds a record is Finley, from America. This doggo is famous for carrying 6 tennis balls in his mouth, the highest recorded number in February 2020.  

They’re one of the smartest doggos  

Reader’s Digest puts Golden Retrievers at the #4 spot on their list of the world’s smartest dog breeds. These doggos can learn up to 200 commands, with most on the first try too!    

While the Border Collie tops the list as the smartest doggo, Golden Retrievers make up for it by being eager to please their hooman pals. This trait makes them easy to train and reliable buddies to be around!  

They’re movie stars!  

Remember the movie Air Bud from 1997? The star of the show was a Golden Retriever! These doggos are so easy to train; they can star in shows because they’re that good at following their hooman pals. 

American Presidents kept them as pets  

US Presidents with pet Retrievers

2 US presidents, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, had Golden Retrievers. President Ford had a Retriever called Liberty from 1974 to 1977. This White House pupper was often seen with his hooman pal even in the office.  

President Raegan’s Golden Retriever, on the other hand, is named Victory. This doggo lived with his other furry pals on the president’s ranch in California, including a Bouvier des Flandres called Lucky, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rex.  

They have soft mouths  

Worried about leaving kids alone with a big animal with sharp teeth? Golden Retrievers don’t have that problem. Because they were bred as hunting dogs, their soft mouths can carry games like ducks or rabbits safely without damaging them. With that in mind, you’ll never have to worry about your dog hanging out with your children!  

Because their mouths can carry things, they’re at their happiest when you give them something to hold. Balls, dog toys, and even frisbees are among the popular choices.  

They have double coats  

Golden Retrievers have double coats, much like German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. The outer part is long and smooth, while the inner layer is soft and fuzzy. This keeps them protected from both the sun and the cold, but that also means they shed a lot!  

In spring, these doggos get rid of their extra fur to prepare for the warmer temperatures in summer. If you’re taking care of one, be sure to have a grooming brush handy to clean up the mess.   

They come in mini sizes  

While Golden Retrievers are large dogs, there are also smaller versions. These so-called Comfort Retrievers are cross-bred with Poodles or Cocker Spaniels, which results in smaller versions of their larger relatives. They can grow up to 20 inches tall and live for at least 10 years.  

The oldest Golden Retriever was 20 years old  

August or Augie was the oldest Golden Retriever, who lived until March 2021. She was rehomed twice. The Hetterscheidts family, took her in at 14. At 20 years and 11 months old, she is the 19th oldest dog on record and is remembered as the oldest Golden Retriever ever to live.  

Retrievers are heroes 

Because Golden Retrievers can work in search and rescue, they’re bona fide lifesavers. There’s no bigger example than in 9/11, where 2 dogs Bretagne and Riley were among those employed to search for survivors trapped in the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center in New York. Their actions helped their human partners rescue as many as possible.  

They comfort you when you’re feeling down  

Golden Retrievers as therapy dogs

These golden doggos are loving pals; that’s why they’re also trained to work as therapy dogs in hospitals that allow them. Retrievers are quiet, friendly, and can read what hoomans are feeling. Even if they can’t speak, these puppers will nudge you gently and get you to hug them if you’re sad or lonely. There’s nothing warmer than someone willing to give you a shoulder to cry on after all, and Retrievers are pretty empathic types.  

This empathy makes them perfect companions to have around if you’re feeling down. They will stay by your side and make great company when days aren’t so bright. You won’t be annoyed with loud barking or rowdy behavior since they’re really well-behaved.  

They express themselves with a smile  

Golden Retrievers often smile a lot, even when they know there’s trouble nearby. Usually, they would have their mouths open and have their tongue sticking out when the mood is laid-back and happy. Even when panting, they’ll still give a smile, especially if they’re having fun playing or exercising.  

Sometimes though, they may have a toothy smile when they’re eager to meet a new hooman fren. But when teeth are bared in rare cases, it’s a clear sign that your doggo thinks there might be trouble ahead. It’s a clear sign to get away if you see this happen.  

They’re great with kids!  

Golden Retrievers are good with kids

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, they’re one of the best family dogs. Golden Retrievers are gentle and will even tolerate little kiddos pulling at their ears and tail.  

This dog breed is friendly, and a smart and loyal pal! Being easy to train, great with kids, and always there to lend a paw when you’re feeling down earns them the right to be among the most popular dog breeds today.  

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