10 Fun facts about the Border Collie

Border Collie facts

Border Collies are one of the most popular doggos for a reason. Not only are they sporty, they’re brainy too! That also means they can’t hang out with just anyone. These pupper pals shine best if their hooman buddies are also the active and outgoing type. If you’ve got what it takes to keep up with this awesome pupper, consider yourself lucky!  

Here are some fun facts and information to know about the Border Collie.  

They’re the smartest dog breed in the world! 

Border Collies can learn faster than anyone


These doggos are the brainiest of all breeds. It’s said that they can learn commands 5 times faster than any other pupper. They can even get it right on the first try!   

In 1994, canine psychologist Stanley Cohen even tested Collies and other puppers to see just how smart they are. Few breeds like the Golden Retriever could come close, but the Border Collie was the only doggo that outranked everyone else.  

They were bred to be herders  

Border Collies are herders

Their intelligence isn’t all just for show. It takes a lot of brain power to herd sheep, and that’s exactly what the Border Collies are good at.   

The earliest record of their abilities was in 1873, when Collies in Wales first herded sheep into a pen with minimal guidance by their partners, using only hand signals and whistles.   

But that’s not the only thing going for them. These puppers have sharp eyes, which they can use to stare down sheep and make them follow their lead. If you’re a livestock farmer, this is the furry pal you want by your side!  


Celebrities raised them as pupper pals!  

Border Collies are famous


Many famous celebrities owned these brainy puppers as pets. Michael Keaton, famous for his role as Batman, had a Collie named Dusty.   

Queen Victoria of England also had one, named Sharp. This royal pupper was immortalized in paintings and photographs too! There’s even a bronze statue of him on his memorial in Windsor Castle.   

 Tiger Woods in 2015 also had one named Bugs. This pupper was welcomed into his home during Christmas.


Border Collies are movie stars!  

Border Collie at the movies


The most memorable movie that featured Border Collies was “Babe.” This movie was about a little pig that could talk to sheep and even became a sheepherder. This movie had the little animal act alongside other Collies as herders. These celebrity doggos were also cast in films like “Animal Farm” and “Snow Dogs.”   

Collies came from Scotland  

The “Border” in their name is a clue to this dog breed’s origins. They were first bred in the border region between Scotland and England, and since the word “Collie” was the old Scottish word for “sheepdog,” the name eventually stuck.   

They’re highly active!  

If you’re a sporty type of person that loves to go out on walks, then the Border Collie is one of the best pupper pals to have around. Because these doggos have great herder instincts, running around and getting exercise every day is a must for them to stay in tip-top shape. Nothing bores them more than staying inside all day.   

This is why you should at least have a garden or a space that allows them to stretch their legs and run around. That way, they won’t be bored all day.  

Organizations were made for them 

When Border Collies first arrived in the United States for farm work, farmers were impressed by their performance. That’s why organizations like the North American Sheepdog Society and The Border Collie Society of America were formed to protect and train them.   

Hoomans who wanted these doggos as shepherding partners can look up information on how to take care of and train them to be the best farm buddies they can be! Eventually, the American Kennel Club formally recognized the Border Collie in 1995.    

They’re record holders  

As if being the smartest isn’t enough, these puppers are legit Guiness World Record holders too!  

In 2021, 2 Collies named Wish and Halo earned their spot for performing the most tricks in a minute. Wish even gained another record by being the fastest to crawl 5 meters, all done within 2 seconds.  

Another Collie named Striker, demonstrated his intelligence by being the only one to open a car door window in just 11 seconds, the fastest time ever for a pupper!  

They’re great at search-and-rescue 

If there’s one thing in common Border Collies have with Golden Retrievers, it’s their skill for search-and-rescue. In 2016, a Collie named Blitz saved a 51-year-old woman’s life in England. She was missing and was eventually discovered by the Cornwall Search and Rescue Team. The woman was buried under foliage and was only found because of Blitz.  

They’re great with kids! 

Border Collies are one of the most family-friendly doggos around. They’re great to have around if you want to keep your kids safe. Just be sure to socialize them early, or they might mistakenly herd kids too! 

These are just some of the Border Collie’s fun facts and info. Not only are they smart, they’re active doggos that need exercise! Reward their smarts and energy with Awesome Pawsome treats, made with 6 tasty flavors inspired by recipes humans love!    

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