6 summer tips to keep your dog cool

Summer tips for dogs

Now that it’s summer, there’s no better time to have fun under the sun! While us hoomans may love to play around in places like the beach, we can’t forget our furry pals who might not like the hot weather as much. That’s why we’re giving you these summer tips for dogs to stay cool! 


Stay hydrated!  

Dogs drinking water

The best way to beat the heat is something we hoomans already know: drink lots of water! Your doggos can get thirstier when things get hot, just like us. Don’t forget to keep their water bowl filled during the day so they can keep cool too. 


Keep their paws cool  

Paw pads and shoes for dogs

Going for a walk is always a good form of exercise for your pupper pals, but doing that in summer can hurt their paws!   

If you’ve experienced walking on the beach when the sun’s hot, you’ll definitely feel the heat under your feet. It’s especially painful if you’re walking barefoot on the pavement after a nice swim. Your pupper will feel the same heat if you go out for a walk while the sun’s hot. The best way to keep their paws cool is to give them paw pads or dog shoes. You can also walk your dog earlier before sunrise or after sunset to be safe.  


Give them a kiddie pool to play in  

Kiddie pool for dogs


Kiddos will always love a dip in the pool, and your doggos are no different! An inflatable kiddie pool is always a welcome relief from the summer heat, and letting your pupper pals play in them is a moment worthy of sharing on social media too. Just be sure to use plastic ones because their nails might damage kiddie pools with softer materials, especially if they’re inflatable. If you don’t have a pool, hoses or sprinklers are a great alternative.  


Give them a cool hidey hole 

Keeping dogs cool in an airconditioned room


Staying out of the sun is an obvious measure. Take them inside the house and prepare a nice cool place for them to chill out. An ideal spot would be a place with an air conditioner or if you have a smol pupper, a cardboard box for them to hide in.  


Watch their temperature!  

Dog body temperature


A dog’s normal body temperature is usually from 100F to 103F (37C to 39C). Anything higher than this range means your pupper is starting to overheat. Because they can’t sweat like we do and rely only on panting, this means you need to cool them down quickly. If you see excessive panting, vomiting, or wobbly legs, it’s time to move them to a cool place or give them water to stay hydrated.  


Don’t forget the sunscreen 

Dogs need sunscreen on the beach


There’s nothing worse than sunburn, which is why sunscreen is a must. But did you know pets need them too? Dog-safe sunscreen is a summer safety must-have, especially if you plan on taking your pets to the beach. Their coats provide natural protection from the sun and heat, but even that won’t last if they stay in the sun for too long. Apply it to their ears, nose and coat before going outside. 

The summer months can be hot for your pupper pals, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them as long as you remember to keep them cool! Don’t forget to give them tasty Awesome Pawsome treats to snack on too! These treats come in 6 flavors inspired by recipes humans love! Get it at a store near you 

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