WATCH: Dogs and Cats React to the Invisible Challenge

Bored hoomans have found a new way to prank their pets: The Invisible Challenge. See how these confused cats and dogs conquer the magical invisible wall made of plastic wrap. 

Tucker Budzyn 

Tucker, the Golden Retriever is up for any challenge! He makes sure not to get bamboozled by anyone, including the mighty plastic wrap! 

Muji and Makji 

Watch Muji and Makji react differently to the Invisible Challenge. Guess which cat gets to master the challenge in just a few tries! 

Maya the Samoyed 

Will Maya win over the invisiboopity force field and get her snacks? Watch the video to find out! But first, get yourself ready for lots of boops and floofiness! 


See how Pusic outsmarts the Invisible Challenge and gets the treatos he wants! 


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