Why give your puppers grain-free treats?

Treats are always a good way to reward your furry pal, but did you know that grain-free treats are the best ones to give?   

Grain-free means ingredients like Wheat, Corn, Rice, Soy and Oats are a no-go when it comes to making these products. However, this doesn’t mean that grain-free treats are free from carbohydrates. They still contain carbohydrates. They just source it using other ingredients like Tapioca and Potatoes. Aside from using a different carbohydrate source, grain-free treats are also usually filled with the goodness of animal-based proteins.   

The benefits of grain-free treats  

While animal-based proteins are the leading cause of food allergies, there are rare times when your puppers can be diagnosed with allergies toward grains. In these cases, you can see symptoms like vomiting, a bloated tummy, sneezing and even itchy skin. This sensitivity is usually because of grains’ gluten content. Giving your puppers grain-free treats can keep them from scratching themselves which can lead to raw, irritated skin.  

Aside from being allergy-friendly, grain-free foods are also known to help improve stomach problems as they’re easier to digest and help reduce gas. Eating grain-free food also contributes to smaller stools.   

Are all grain-free treats, gluten-free? 

You’ve all probably seen the label “gluten-free” in most products for hooman food, but does that apply to doggie treats too? 

First of all, gluten is a group of proteins that makes dough sticky and elastic. You can find this in most grains like wheat, barley and rye, the kind used for baking bread. Normally, puppers can digest it unless they have really rare conditions like wheat allergies. Though keep in mind, there are also non-gluten grains like quinoa, oats and brown rice. 

The catch here is that while dog treats can be “grain-free”, there may be other ingredients that have hidden sources of gluten like starches. This means they can’t automatically be “gluten-free”, especially if the treats have been processed at a plant that also handles grains.  

Grain-free treats inspired by recipes hoomans love!  

Credit: @coco_thepawmeranian

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