5 tips to get your pupper to play with frisbees

Playing frisbees with your dog is a fun way to give them exercise, but getting started isn’t as easy as it looks! If your doggo doesn’t know how to play, they need to be introduced to the toys and commands slowly. Here are 5 tips to help you get started. 

Safety first! 

Playing with a frisbee may look like fun and games, but you need to check if your pupper is physically fit to join in. Before you start, give your furry pal a quick checkup at the vet to see if they’re fit to play. One thing to check is their hip, which needs to be in tip-top condition since this game involves a lot of jumping and running around to catch that flying disc. 

Get to know the toy  

If this is your doggo’s first time playing, they’ve most likely never seen a frisbee before. Start with showing the toy to them. Let them get close to it and associate it with a positive experience.  Things like giving them treats for simply holding the disc will get you off to a good start.  

A dog-specific frisbee that’s flexible enough to be bitten works best. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with lots of bite marks on a regular plastic one.   

Learn the commands 

Once you’ve got your furry pal familiar with the toy, the next step is to teach basic commands like “fetch” and “give”. Your dog needs to be familiar enough with the frisbee to know that playing with it will lead to rewards.  

Start with tossing the frisbee a short distance and then saying the “fetch” command. Then tell them to bring it back with “give” and praise them when they give it back to you. Repeat these as needed until they get used to the commands.   

Practice makes perfect 

Just like any person playing a game for the first time, practice makes perfect! Start with basic throws and retrievals, and then you can progress to midair catching and other tricks if your pupper really wants to get into the game. Who knows, you might end up impressing your friends with your doggo’s slick moves too!   

Reward them with treats! 

Credit: @kopi.thedog

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