Watch: 5 funny videos of dogs taking a bath

Giving your doggos a bath can be a chore, but it’s funny in its own way. Here are 5 videos showing our furry pals and their hilarious relationship with the bath.

1. Phil the Malamute refuses to take a bath

Stubborn doggos can be hard to give baths to, especially if they love to play cute so their hoomans can let them off the hook. Here’s a video from Life with Malamutes showing Phil the Malamute trying to do just that. 

2. Meeka the talking Siberian Husky argues with her hooman

Huskies can whine a lot about baths. Meeka from Meeka The Husky doesn’t like taking a shower either, which is why she argues with her owner and gets really sassy about it! 

3. Rocky the German Shepherd hates baths

This pupper’s face just screams “nope!” when it comes to getting clean. Check out this video of Rocky the German Shepherd from Rocky and watch him react with nopes under the shower. 

4. Millie the Husky avoids bath time

Mille the Husky from milperthusky tries everything to avoid taking a bath. She even has to be tempted with food to come to the tub! 

5. Moon the Husky hates the groomers

Taking a bath is hard enough, but doing to a professional groomer? Here’s a video of Moon the Husky from The Husky Moon showing just how much doggos hate it. 

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