3 essential things to teach puppies

No matter the breed, puppies are always full of energy. Their playful antics are always a hit. But if left untrained, they can get into all sorts of trouble. That’s why you need time to get to know your puppy, establish your expectations with them so that they’ll feel confident in achieving your goals. 

Otherwise, you might end up dealing with problems like chewed furniture, nonstop barking, and even accidents at home when you least expect it.   

Avoiding behavior problems starts with training your puppers the moment you bring them home with you, so that means there’s no time to waste! Here are 3 essential puppy lessons you can teach them. 


Puppies are naturally curious and are open to new experiences. That’s why some begin their training as early as  7 weeks of age. 

You can do this by introducing them to new people and experiences that they’ll be happy to see. Show them off to your friends who have their own pupper pals, take them for walks in the park, or simply start with your family members. That way, your furry pals will be friendlier to other doggos and hoomans as they grow up as they’re less likely to be aggressive when confronted with an unfamiliar situation.  

Basic commands 

Teaching your pupper basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “come” early on is another important lesson. Everyone loves a good and smart doggo. Training them these basic commands means they’ll be able to behave themselves easily at home and outdoors. You can even make it rewarding for them if you give them tasty treats if they’re successful in following what you tell them to do. 


Living in a house with hoomans means puppers need to learn not to make a mess of things. This means they need to be able to keep their paws off the furniture, be potty trained and not go barking at everything that comes their way. 

To raise a house-trained pupper, it’s best to introduce them to chewing toys, scratching posts, and places to go potty. That way, you won’t have to deal with scratched or broken furniture. Getting them used to live at home will also go a long way to taming any wild impulses later on as they grow. 

Positive experiences are always great motivators for puppers to learn good manners. Reinforcing these moments by praising your furry pal for a job well done will encourage them to behave well more often.  

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