Pupper Picks: 3 treat dispensers and why you should get them

Playing with your pupper isn’t all just running around and playing fetch. They also love to play with puzzles like hoomans do! Letting them play with treat dispenser puzzles is a great way to train their brain power and show off their inner smarts! 

Check below for fun and dog-safe treat dispensers for your pupper.

Our top 3 treat dispenser picks 

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball 

This treat dispenser ball is a customizable, easy-to-use toy. It comes in 3-inch and 4-inch sizes for small and big doggos. Your furry pals will have lots of fun figuring out how to roll the ball just the right way for those tasty treats to come out.  

If they also have a huge appetite, this toy will encourage them to eat slowly and savor every tasty bite. 

Nina Ottosson Challenge Slider 

Does your pooch get bored quickly? This food-safe sliding puzzle challenge toy has over 24 compartments to hide treats in. Your pupper can sniff the snacks out and have fun learning the proper sequence of sliding the tiles away just so they can earn their tasty reward.  

It’s also built tough so that nothing comes off, reducing the risk of choking on small parts. 

Dog Squeak Toy from Letsmeet  

Want a cute way to solve your doggo’s chewing habit? Give them a durable squeak toy with places to hide treats in! 

Squeaky toys are highly satisfying for dogs because it acts close to natural prey. If your pupper loves to indulge in their hunting instincts, these toys can give them the chance to hunt for tasty snacks. 

If you’re worried about this particular toy getting chewed up, it’s a lot tougher than it looks. It’s made of thick velvet so it won’t be easily torn. Cleaning it is easy too, either by hand or with a washing machine. 

Why get treat dispenser toys 

A fun way to exercise the mind 

A healthy body isn’t everything. Just like hoomans, our furry pals need to exercise their minds too! Just like how we play mobile games on our phones to pass the time and train our brains, our puppers need at least 15 minutes of mentally stimulating games a day to stay sharp. These toys are a great way to do that. 

It cures boredom 

Your pets want to have fun, and having nothing to do can make them do things like dig holes outside or worse, chew on house furniture. Much like how we hoomans bite our nails when anxious, our puppers have their own signs that show boredom, anxiety or depression, especially when their hooman pals are out of the house because of work or school. That’s why doggos need a similar outlet just like us. 

Prevents overeating 

We get it, doggos enjoy their food just as much as their hooman pals. But eating too fast can lead to choking and improper digestion. If your pupper doesn’t exercise regularly, this also increases their chances of becoming overweight.  

Puzzles can limit the amount of food your furry pals eat and may even encourage them to eat slower and enjoy every bite. 

 Apart from taking walks and hanging out in parks, your furry pals rely on you to keep them happy whenever you’re at home. Giving your puppers toys to play with means they won’t get bored (plus keep you in “favorite hooman” status!)  

How to choose the right treats 

If you want to make playtime more enjoyable, then make sure those treat puzzles are loaded with different flavors! Depending on your dog’s tastes, you can give them either meat-flavored treats or ones made with vegan ingredients if they have meat allergies.   

Putting in a variety of flavors will give your puppers more incentive to sniff out those tasty rewards during play sessions. You can even use softer treats that are easy to break apart if they won’t fit the toys as well.