Super Pumpkin: The Fun Kind of Healthy!

Awesome Pawsome Super Pumpkin all-natural dog treats vegan

Our pets are our best friends. That’s why we believe that they deserve healthy and all-natural treats. So at Awesome Pawsome, we make the FUN kind of healthy snacks you can treat your pet pals to – like Super Pumpkin all-natural dog treats. 

Read on and discover all the fun and healthy goodness in Awesome Pawsome Super Pumpkin. 

It’s more than a seasonal treat 

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We look forward to pumpkin treats every fall. But there are 4 reasons why your pup should treat himself to some pumpkin any time of the year: 

1. Pumpkins are a nutrient powerhouse. They’re an excellent source of potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin A, and iron. Pumpkins are also rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help keep your dog’s skin healthy and their fur shiny. 

With a touch of spice and everything nice 

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2. Aside from pumpkins, our treats are flavored with a healthy dash of turmeric for added benefits. Turmeric helps ease inflammation and soothes itchy skin. 

3. And with added natural antioxidants like green tea, rosemary, and spearmint extracts, you can help boost your dog’s defenses a little just by snacking!

4. Best of all, our Super Pumpkin treats are 100% vegan! 

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At Awesome Pawsome, we want to make sure that EVERY dog gets to join in the snacking fun, especially dogs with meat sensitivities. That’s why we made Super Pumpkin – a 100% vegan dog treat that’s made with hearty pumpkins and superfood turmeric!  

Now, every dog can enjoy meat-free, nutrient-packed treats anytime, anywhere with Awesome Pawsome Super Pumpkin all-natural dog treats. 

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That look when your hooman finds you the best vegan treat because you have meat allergies…

Get Awesome Pawsome™ Super Pumpkin Recipe in a store near you. 

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