5 tips to help your adopted dog get used to their new home

So you’ve finally decided to adopt a pup—congratulations! Taking care of a pet is extremely rewarding, and you’re in for years of fun and unconditional love.

Getting your new pet to adjust to their new home is a challenge, though, and it’s perfectly normal if you hit a few snags along the way. Your dog still has to get used to their new environment and their hooman’s quirks. Below, check out a few tips to help your fur baby get comfortably settled in. 

Give them time to get used to their new environment

Whether you adopted your pet from a shelter or even from the street, the new sights and sounds can feel like sensory overload to them. Let your dog acclimate to the new space at their own pace. Allow them to socialize with new people and other pets slowly. It’s also important to give them downtime during which they can rest unbothered.

Stick to a routine

The adoption might’ve felt exciting for you, but from your pet’s POV, everything so far has been one big confusing whirl. Get them to regain a sense of familiarity by establishing a routine. For instance, try feeding them in the same area at the same time every day. In addition, give them their own private sleeping place.

Be patient

Ready to keep up with that fluffy ball of energy? You’ll also have to be prepared for some unpleasant surprises—a chewed-up pair of shoes, pee stains on the couch, and poop in the most unexpected of places. They’ll learn eventually, so just be patient. Those cute puppy dog eyes will make you forgive them in the end anyway. 

Establish ground rules


Photo from quickmeme.com

Start the house training early on so your dog can immediately learn the rules. Teach them basic commands as this establishes your leadership and builds trust between the two of you. Get your whole family to stick to the house rules. It’ll be less confusing for your pet this way. Be kind, but firm.

Use treats to reinforce good behavior

So how exactly do you get them to behave indoors? Dogs are simple creatures—just give them treats when they demonstrate good behavior. Small, bite-sized treats are the best. Rotate between a variety of different flavors so your pet won’t get bored. 

Awesome Pawsome offers a variety of all-natural dog treats in fun flavors. These are perfect for training because they’re easy to break into small, bite-sized pieces. Choose between variants such as Baconmania, Beefy Bites, Chicken Dumpling, Peanut Butter and Cranberry, Salmon Supreme, and Super Pumpkin Recipe. 

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