The Totally Pawtastic Tale Behind Awesome Pawsome Treats!

Awesome Possum to Awesome Pawsome treats

Everyone has a story behind their name – even a dog treat like us! Read on and discover how we came up with Awesome Pawsome – our snacks-inspired, fun treats for dogs. 

It all started with a cause 

From the beginning, we’ve always had one mission in lifeMake treats awesome and make awesome treats.  

We thought one way we could do that was to use brushtail possum meat, an eco-friendly meat that is nutritious and delicious for dogs. And so ‘Awesome Possum’ was born!  

old Awesome Possum packaging brushtail meat treats for dogs

Made even more awesome 

dog asking for chicken sandwich meme

Awesome Possum was a paw pal favorite. Dogs all over the USA loved it! In fact, they loved it so much we had to ask ourselves – was it possible to become even AWESOMER?

We put our thinking caps back on and got to thinkingHow else could we make treats awesome and make awesome treats?

The answer: Share the food we love most in a fun, and healthy way! 

Fun snack time, every time! 

pug going crazy happy when he hears the word treat

From Awesome Possum, we became Awesome Pawsome all-natural dog treats. (See what we did there?) 

Awesome Pawsome new pack shots dog treats after Awesome Possum

Awesome Pawsome all-natural dog treats is inspired by our all-time favorite foods — bacon, PB&J sandwiches, chicken dumplings, steak, salmon sashimi, and homemade pumpkin pie. We turned the food we all love and enjoy into snacks we can share with our pets! 

two dogs bonding together with their food allergies

And to make sure all dogs get to join in the fun, our Super Pumpkin flavor is 100% vegan, perfect for dogs with meat allergies. Now every dog can get snacking, even meat-allergic pups! 
Totally awesomer, right? We think so too! 

dog meme cool story bro

We’ve come a long way from our brushtail possum daysFrom ‘Awesome Possum’, we are now Awesome Pawsome, an irresistibly tasty, guilt-free snack for dogs of all ages and all sizes.

Every bag is made with all-natural ingredients and superfoods from New Zealand, the cleanest place on earth to make pet treatsOur treats come in fun, interactive shapes that are easy to break apart, making it ideal for snacking, rewarding, or training your petsTry untwisting our Peanut Butter & Cranberry twists, or getting to the heart of our pumpkin-shaped Super Pumpkin treats! 

Happy snacking, paw pals!

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