Pupper Pat’s Tips: 3 Doggo exercises to get in shape 2022

So it’s a new year and you’re planning to hit the gym to get in shape after all those dee-lish holiday food. Don’t forget to give us doggos proper exercise too! 

Just like you hoomans, us doggos need to stay in shape as well. That’s why Pupper Pat here’s got a new monthly column to share nifty tips for you hoomans! Since we did join you in eating lots of Christmas and Thanksgiving food, we’re defs in need of a way to burn off the extra calories. Here are a few exercises we can do with you. 

1. Dog Walks

Sounds basic, but a 30-minute walk does wonders to cure the zoomies! We love walking to see the sights outside, and probably bark at the occasional thing that catches our attention, like birds or even fellow doggos to say hello. If the pandemic regulations are relaxed enough in your area, it’s a good time as any to take a short walk around. 

2. Indoor Games

We love to play too! If taking a walk outside isn’t possible, we can still play games with you hoomans indoors. Games like the invisible plastic wrap challenge are a challenge for us, or you can even have us play the classic fetch game too. Any of these games are great fun, and you can even post them on social media if you like.

3. Treat-hunts

Exercise is always worth it if we get treats from time to time! Getting treat-dispensing balls filled with tasty pupper treats we love is a great way to exercise our brain power.  

You can even do treat hunting games by hiding these morsels around the house for us to sniff out. Not only can we move around the house, we get to have delicious rewards to eat when we find them.  

Just be sure that these treats you’ve got for us have great flavor. That’s why Awesome Pawesome is the best brand of treats that you can use on these games. They’re all inspired by the flavors you hoomans love. The flavors include Bacon, Chicken, and even Pumpkin to stimulate our palate.  

Best of all, they’re made with ingredients like Pumpkin, free-range New Zealand Beef, and cage-free New Zealand Chicken, which means they’re healthy too! 

No matter what activity you choose to help us get in shape with you this year, don’t forget to give us our tasty rewards, okay hooman? 😉