3 tips for getting into dog fashion in 2022

Dressing up your doggo looks fun, who wouldn’t want to see your pupper all decked out in the latest threads? Even so, getting into dog fashion isn’t as easy as it looks! Here’s 3 tips you can keep in mind if you want to dress up your pals in 2022. 

1. Take it slow

Introducing clothes to your doggo may sound cute but keep in mind, they already have a natural coat that keeps them warm even in winter. This means putting on extra layers might scare them if you do dress them right off the bat.  

Let them be familiar with the new threads first by allowing them to smell it. Gently place the clothes on their back so they can have a feel for the material, and then let them adjust over several days by rewarding them with treats until they get used to wearing what you give. 

If your four-legged friend starts showing signs like a lowered head or flattened ears, it might be time to get them out of the outfit and start over. 

2. Watch out for overheating

If you plan on bundling up your pupper in cold weather for a walk, remember that they might feel more than toasty inside. Give them clothes that are easy to move around in and allow room for air to flow inside. That way, they can stay relatively cool in style! 

3. The breed matters!

Not all doggos are the same! Some have thick coats and don’t need extra clothes, but some short-haired breeds may be in need of the extra protection, especially if you want to take a walk in the snow. Giving them some doggo shoes for their feet might also help, especially if the ground is too hot or too cold to walk on, but be sure these also have enough room for their feet to breathe. 

Some doggos might be used to being out in the cold and might even love it, but others might just want to stay warm inside. If that’s the case, simple accessories like a tie or cap might just work fine if it’s just for a short while. 

Always remember that while it may look fun to dress up your doggo, you have to take it slow and get them used to it gradually. Giving them a tasty treat as a reward for cooperating with you goes a long way to helping them look forward to the next dress-up session too! 

Treats like Awesome Pawsome’s Salmon Supreme is made with New Zealand King Salmon, with lots of anti-oxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids to keep their natural coat looking as shiny as can be. Keep some handy next time you plan on dressing them up to make the experience more fun.