Dog Tricks Lesson #3: Stay

Once your dog has mastered the Sit and Down commands, you can already start teaching him to Stay. Whether he stays seated or lies down and stays that way, the goal is the same: To keep still until you give a release signal! To start, follow the steps below. 

TIP: Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your training session short, just about five to 10 minutes a day so your furry pal won’t get frustrated. And don’t forget to keep a positive attitude throughout.

Dog eyes squinting thinking to stay or not


Difficulty level: Easy 

Prerequisite commands: Sit or Down 

Items needed: Clicker, Awesome Pawsome™ treats 

  1. Ask your dog to sit or lay down. Use the clicker and reward him with an Awesome Pawsome™ all-natural pet treat.
  2. With an open palm facing your dog, say ‘Stay’ and take a few steps backwards.
  3. After about five seconds, release him from his position by using your clicker and saying ‘Okay’. If the session is successful, give him another Awesome Pawsome treat. If he moves before you give the release signal, repeat Step 1.
  4. Repeat the entire process a few more times while increasing the duration before giving him the release signal. Make sure you reward him for every successful try!


Make every training session awesome! 

Spice up your dog’s training with a variety of fun treats that your furry pal can enjoy! Discover your dog’s favorite flavors and switch them up regularly to keep him interested.  

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to find out if your buddy likes the same snacks that you love – like chicken dumplings or fish sticks! 

Dog doing all tricks right except for stay but still a good boy

Get your buddy jumpin’ for more training with Awesome Pawsome™ all-natural pet treats! 

Made in New Zealand, Awesome Pawsome™ dog treats are inspired by tasty flavors that we humans love. On your next training session, reward your dog with our savory Chicken Dumpling, made with cage-free chicken or our hearty Salmon Supreme, made with real king salmon. 


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