Dog Tricks Lesson #2: Lay Down

Want to get your pupper to do something cool like ‘Roll Over’? It starts with him learning how to ‘Lay Down’. Here are some quick and easy steps that you can follow. 

TIP: Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your training session short, just about five to 10 minutes a day so your furry pal won’t get frustrated. And don’t forget to keep a positive attitude throughout.

black dog laying down on the floor


Difficulty level: Easy 

Prerequisite commands: None 

Items needed: Clicker, Awesome Pawsome™ all-natural pet treats 

You can teach your dog to ‘down’ or ‘lay down’ the same way you teach him to ‘sit’. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Hold an Awesome Pawsomeall-natural pet treat close to your dog’s nose and make him follow by moving your hand to the floor. (Try it with Baconmania! Dogs (and hoomans) can’t resist the smell!)
  2. Slide your hand along the floor in front of him to make him lay down.
  3. Once he is in position, use the clicker, say Down, and give him the treat.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for a few times every day until your dog masters the trick.
  5. Check if he recalls the command word. Say Down and if he lays down, give him a treat. If not, go back to Step 4.

NOTE: In case your dog sits or tries to grab the treat from your hand, calmly say ‘no’ then take the treat away. Then repeat the whole process. 


Make every training session awesome! 

Believe it or not, treats can make or break a trick! So it’s worth looking for treats that your dog can’t resist. Keep him motivated with the same fun flavors that you treat yourself to – like steak or pumpkin pie. 

fun shiba inu doge laying down on couch

Reward your dog with the fun, human snacks-inspired flavors of Awesome Pawsome™ all-natural pet treats! 

Made in New Zealand, Awesome Pawsome™ dog treats are inspired by tasty snacks that we humans love. Let your dog try our savory steak dog treats Beefy Bites or our pumpkin pie-inspired vegan dog treats Super Pumpkin on your next training session. 


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