Retailer Pawfiles: My Pet Naturally

Get to know the awesome people who help us bring Awesome Pawsome all-natural pet treats straight to your homes and to your furry buddies! 

In this series, we chat with our retailers, get to know them a little better, and discover why they support Awesome Pawsome in promoting irresistibly tasty treats that are packed with nutritious awesomeness. Say hello to My Pet Naturally! 



Address: 3240 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone Number: +1 310-477-3030
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Official Instagram Account: @mypetnaturally
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Pet lovers Neil and Wendy Massa are the awesome minds behind My Pet Naturally. Neil, who runs the store on a day-to-day basis, firmly believes in the importance of feeding a quality raw diet for superior pet health. In fact, this helped their female Leonberger, Brunhilde, live 13 fun-filled years – an amazing feat for a giant breed! 

My Pet Naturally gets their raw food from suppliers that handle meat for humans too. This means that your furry buddy gets to enjoy safe and quality meats that are free from slaughterhouse wastes and by-products. 

Aside from quality pet food, Wendy handles the bakery, where she bakes birthday cakes, cookies, and treats for dogs in fun shapes like squirrels and bones. 

Their latest venture is a grooming spa for pets launched in 2010 called My Pet Naturally Clean.  

Neil and Wendy’s commitment to providing only awesome all-natural products to pets they love is why My Pet Naturally and Awesome Pawsome are a paw-fect fit! 

Dog birthday party with cake by My Pet Naturally


The story behind the store 

Neil is a pet owner and pet lover for life! When his kids were small, he had Leonbergers – a kind, social, and beautiful rare giant breed from Germany. His experiences with his dogs led him to understand that dogs are not that far off from the natural world of wolves. Their needs are more wild than domesticated. 

At that time, he couldn’t find a store that offered the things he found to be essential for his dogs’ health – raw food, carefully produced supplements, holistic remedies, and beds, toys, or things for pets that are both sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Weary of his complaints that no such place existed, Wendy encouraged Neil to open his dream store himself or get over it.   

And so My Pet Naturally was launched in 2006. Since then, it has been Neil’s mission to find and share the newest, best, and most natural products for pets on the marketplace at the most reasonable cost, with quality as the defining value. 



Why they support Awesome Pawsome 

Neil and Wendy couldn’t resist the most awesome new pet treat on the market. Awesome Pawsome is two of the best things combined–fun and New Zealand. It’s widely known that products from New Zealand are of high quality and, well, super good!  

Fun, tasty, and easy to grab and go, Awesome Pawsome all-natural pet treats are inspired by the snacks we love most! Take your pick from Super Pumpkin (vegan), Salmon Supreme, Beefy Bites, Peanut Butter & Cranberry Twists, Baconmania, and Chicken Dumpling. Grab a bag of these new treats and give your dog an Awesome Pawsome time! 



What people say about their visit 

5-star from S. Rene Brown 

Such a wonderful staff. Good prices. Please go here for all your puppy needs. They have everything you need, and it’s not overpriced like so many other pet stores in LA. Grooming service too. I highly recommend! 

5-star from D.A. Myrie 

Lois is an awesome groomer at My Pet Naturally. She is phenomenal with Suzy Q and Toodles. Bonus, they have the best pet food accessible in the front of the store; plus, free treats to give your fur baby after a grooming session. Love this spot! Thanks, Lois, for understanding my fur niece and nephew! 


Thank you, My Pet Naturally, for sharing your Awesome Pawsome experience! We’re more than happy to partner with you in bringing fun, tasty, and healthy treats to pets. 


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