6 Awesome Things to Do with Your Dog

awesome human and dog

Life with dogs never gets boring, thanks to their fun and crazy antics. But if you want to take fun to the next level, here are six awesome things that you can do with your dog. 

Have a staycation at a pet-friendly hotel 

What’s more awesome than chillin‘ in a luxurious hotel? Chillin’ in the lap of luxury with your doggo!  

Many accommodations worldwide now welcome dogs as guests too! So if you’re looking for a quick and hassle-free vacation with your best pal, book a staycation at a pet-friendly hotel. 

2 Take some funny pictures 

Keep your selfie game strong and let your dog join in the fun. Make someone else’s day by taking some funny and goofy pictures and posting them online. The funnier it looks, the better! 

Netflix and nap 

Equip your PJs and get in the comfiest spot on your bed or couch with your dog. Then play some pet-friendly movies like “Secret Life of Pets” or “101 Dalmatians”. Even if your dog isn’t as interested with Netflix like Chiko the Shiba Inu, your doggo can still enjoy some cuddles or a nice nap with you. 

4 Meet up with some doggo friends 

They say, the more the merrier! Call up some dog-owner friends and go for a stroll on a park or a beach. You can even dine in a pet-friendly restaurant together and get your doggos some puppuccino. 

Join a ‘doga’ class 

Show off your stretching skills and book yourselves for a doga session. Not only you’ll get to spend an amazing time together, you and your doggo can relax your muscles and improve flexibility. 

6 Eat your favorite food together 

Because our dogs are our best friends, we love sharing everything with them, including our favorite food! Now, you can share the food you love with the pals you love most with Awesome Pawsome™ all-natural pet treats. Have the best time bonding with your best buddy anytime, all the time with Awesome Pawsome™

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