What You Need to Look for in Treats

What You Need to Look for in Treats

Choosing treats for your pets is the same as choosing your favorite meal off a menu.

You’ll need to really look at the important stuff when you go out and choose the right one for your awesome buddy.

Questions you need to ask yourself

Before buying your buddy some treats, you gotta ask yourself why you’re buying them in the first place. Are they for training? For snacks? Or just because he’s been a really good boy lately?

Next up, you’ll need to look for the right stuff in his treats.

  • Where they’re made. Look for ones made from the cleanest place to make pet food – New Zealand.
  • What they’re made of. Check out the ingredients list and make sure they’re are made with the freshest ingredients, choice herbs and are packed with vitamins and other nutritious stuff. It wouldn’t hurt checking the guaranteed analysis either. Yes, you got time for that!
  • What they’ve got in them. You wouldn’t want his treats to be a cause of concern neither. Check for the calorie content to avoid giving him too much of a good thing. Read if your treat has a feeding guide that tells you how much is too much!
  • What they stand for. It’s all fun and games until the environment gets hurt. Go for treat brands that care for the environment, by using sustainably sourced meats, vegetables and fruits from certified suppliers. We all have a part to play, you know.
  • What they give your dog. Look for all-natural pet treats that are hypoallergenic, grain and gluten-free, and have no artificial colors, preservatives or additives so that he’ll get the best nutrition out of his snacks!

Getting it right means choosing awesome treats for your awesome pet.

Give him Awesome Pawsome™ all-natural pet treats so you can have the best time bonding with your buddy anytime, all the time!

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