Watch: 5 Lazy Dog Videos of the Week​

Lazy days can be a bummer, especially without treats for doggos! They affect hoomans just as well as puppers, making them go “meh”. Here are 5 videos showing times when puppers just cannot dog.

1. Lazy doggo gives up on walkies


Walking is great for our furry pals, but even they get tired too. Caters Clips has a video of a doggo doing just that. Video courtesy of @micahwarz.

2. Doggo plays dead to avoid going home


Sometimes, you just wanna lay down because it’s a nice day out. Check out this video from The Dodo of a doggo who just wants to laze around on a sunny day. Video courtesy of Kristen Bohlsen via JukinVideo.

3. Don’t wanna fetch

Playing fetch is fun, but even doggos have days when they don’t feel like it. Waggle TV shows what happens when puppers just don’t wanna play.

4. Too lazy to walk down the stairs

Don’t feel like climbing stairs? This doggo doesn’t really like it either, and Caters Clips has the video to prove it. Video courtesy of @meganreginaldsebastian.

5. Lazy Husky

Not an early riser? K’eyush The Stunt Dog isn’t one either. Check out this lazy Husky not wanting to go on a walk with their hooman!Doing doggo things can be tiring too, that’s why it’s always nice to give a nice tasty treat once in a while. It’s even better if these treats are inspired by the same flavors hoomans love! Check out Awesome Pawesome’s all-natural flavors that are sure to make doggos go from “meh” to “I wanna!”Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest awesome news, promos, and events!