5 paw-fect Christmas presents for your pupper

Christmas is always a great time because of the paw-tastic presents everyone gets. 

Of course, that also means your doggos have to be on the list too. Because they’ve been nice all year, they deserve their share of presents. If you’re looking for the paw-fect present to give them, here’s 5 of the best ones.

1. Jumpers

Christmas jumpers are a great way to dress up your puppers for the holidays. They can be the reindeer, elves, or even Santa themselves! It’s a nice way to add some cheer to your photos for social media. 

The Cracking Festive Jumper at Joules is one example if you’re checking out Christmas-y vibes. It’s bright, cheery, and comes in different sizes for pups of all sizes. 

2. Pet beds

No matter how active your doggos are, they’ll always need a comfy pet bed to take a snooze in after all the festivities are over. These fluffy, poofy ones are a great bet for presents. 

Orthopedic foam pet beds like the Archie & Oscar Beatrice Quilted Orthopedic from Wayfair is a nice option. The material is soft and comfy enough to relieve tired pups and give a good night’s rest after all that playtime. The foam also bends to the shape of your dog so it literally becomes their own bed. 

3. Dog frisbees

One of the best ways to play when pups have the zoomies. Frisbees can fly really far and high, so you can either throw them up for doggos to catch in midair, or the classic fetch. 

An example is the Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer, which is made out of dog-friendly durable materials. It’s brightly colored for easy tracking, lightweight, and waterproof so you can even bring it to the beach. 

4. Chew toys

If your pupper likes to bite or chew on things, this is always a reliable way to train them to keep off the furniture. Some can be smaller ones with tassels so smaller dogs can easily grab them when playing, or they can be bone-shaped for bigger dogs with developed teeth. 

Depending on the life stage, you can get ones like the Nylabone Teething Pacifier for puppies who are in the teething phase or something like the Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone toy for those older dogs who really love to chew things. Don’t forget to check with your vet first to see if the toy bone is a good fit for them!  

5. Treat dispensers

No Christmas is complete without treats! Some of these are shaped like balls or toys, so your pupper’s gonna have quite a challenge getting them out. It’s entertaining to watch, and they get to play too!  

Treats like Awesome Pawsome which comes in fun shapes like chicken or bacon bits work great for this one. Not only are they tasty, they’re made with all-natural ingredients for a healthy snack too. .It’s got 6 flavors to choose from, all inspired by the flavors we hoomans love! 

The KONG Gyro Dog Toy is a great example. It’s made specifically for your pupper to push and roll along the ground to disperse the tasty treats as it does. This toy is also available in small and large sizes, so you can pick one that best suits your furry pal. 

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