3 Pup-tastic games to play this Christmas

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is when family and friends gather around for food and presents. Believe it or not, your doggos can be part of the fun, too. 

Aside from hanging out and chilling with everyone, there’s lots of games you can play and things to do with your pets over the holidays. Here’s 3 things you can do together on Christmas day.

1. Pass the present 

Presents are the best thing about Christmas, and pups deserve them too! For this game, you can hide some dog treats inside one of them and pass them around. When playing this game, have your doggo sniff out which box has the goodies.

They’ll go crazy once they find out which one’s got the delicious treats! 

2. Catch the treat

If your guests are bringing kids over, you can introduce them to your friendly doggos with tasty treats! Have the kiddos stand behind a line and toss treats for your pups to catch. Just be sure your dog is socialized enough so that it’s safe for the children to play with them.

3. Christmas dress up

Gathering family and friends around for photos is always part of Christmas, but doggos need to dress up and look their best too! Santa jumpers, Christmas bell collars, or reindeer antler props are always great choices for these for your doggos to get into the holidays. 

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