Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth Can Be Fun!

happy dog with selfie ready smile

Is your doggo rushing to hide when it’s time to brush his teeth? For many dogs, tooth brushing can be scary. But there are things that you can do to help make it fun and exciting for him. Here are some of them: 

Note: If your dog totally refuses to have a toothbrush near his not-so-pearly whites, try getting him accustomed to having his teeth touched first. We suggest using your finger to coat his teeth with the dog toothpaste and letting your dog lick it off like a snack. It takes a lot of patience (and toothpaste!), but your pet will gradually feel comfortable enough to graduate to a pet toothbrush. 

Get his favorite toy ready 

small dog surrounded with lots of toys

Who said tooth brushing has to be a boring task? Bring in his favorite toys and turn the chore into a fun bonding time with you. Reward him with his toy each time he lets you brush his teeth. 

Pick a yummy dog toothpaste 

small dog with pearly white teeth smiling

Yes, dog toothpaste is a thing and it comes in many different flavors that dogs like. There are fun and interesting flavors like bacon, beef, and chicken liver. So go ahead and grab a flavor that your dog loves so much that he’ll let you touch his canines any time, any day. 

Prepare irresistible treats 

dog excited to see bacon


Don’t forget to reward your dog for a job well done! After brushing his teeth, give him tasty treats that he cant resist, like Awesome Pawsome all-natural pet treats. 

Made in New Zealand, Awesome Pawsome all-natural pet treats are inspired by tasty flavors that we humans love. Let your dog try Baconmania – loaded with real cheese and bacon flavor goodness that your #1 pal will go crazy for. 

Discover Awesome Pawsome’s fun flavors and get the best bonding time with your best buddy anytime, all the time! 

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