3 PAW-some pupper games to play this Thanksgiving weekend 

Reunions, turkeys, and football are 3 things that come to mind every Thanksgiving. Even so, there’s no reason to leave your pups out of the fun! If the family you’re visiting are dog owners too, you’ve got even more reason to let fellow puppers bond. 

Here are the top 3 things you can do with your pets this Thanksgiving weekend. 

1. Backyard Football

Football is a traditional sport that families and friends gather around to watch during Thanksgiving. Get your dog in on the action by actually playing it in your own backyard. You can have them chase you while carrying a ballIf they need any more reason to do so, you can even throw in a couple of tasty treats too. 

2. Treat hunting

November is also Fall season. Take advantage of this happy change in weather to give your pet’s keen sense of smell a workout. For this game, you can hide carefully packed treats among the leaves and have your dog sniff them out.  

Their rewards will be earned well and you can get them to play a bit, too.  

3. Schedule a playdate with other doggo frens

Thanksgiving is a time for families, friends, and pets to gather! If your family or friends have doggo pals  too, then now’s the best time for them to get to have play dates and even pose for pics to share on social media! 

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