Time to Learn Some Basic Tricks!

Time to Learn Some Basic Tricks

Want to give your best buddy a great workout while you share heaps of fun together? It’s time to teach him new tricks! 

Teaching your dog new tricks is a great opportunity to bond with your buddy, which also helps him enjoy the same fun–and food–that you love. 

Here are three basic tricks you can teach him to start his training: 

Trick #1 COME 

“Come is an important command that can keep your buddy from getting into trouble if he happens to be outdoors and is off his leash.  

How to teach your buddy: Bring your pet to a place where he can focus on your voice. Make him recognize your command by giving him an awesome treat every time you say “Come” and his name. Do this a few times so he can remember the command.   

Afterwards, place the treat on the floor and let your dog eat and enjoy it. As soon as he finishes, say “Come” and give him another treat if he looks up to you. Keep doing this a few more times until you’re farther from where you started and your dog still looks back at you whenever you call for him to come.  

Remember this: Always reward your dog when he responds to your “Come” command. Your goal is to make coming to you fun and interesting. Keep his favorite Awesome Pawsome all-natural pet treats handy and don’t punish him if he makes any mistakes. 

Trick #2 STAY 

The goal of this trick is to keep your dog in a sitting position until you’ve given him the signal to stand up and go. You can do this trick if your lil’ bud has mastered sitting already. So here’s a quick tutorial on teaching your dog how to sit. 

How to teach your buddy: First, ask your dog to sit. With your open palm facing your dog, say “Stay” while taking a few steps backwards. Do this a couple of times, remembering to reward him with a treat every time he successfully stays. 

Remember this: Keep doing this a few more times and try to prolong his time sitting before you give your buddy his next awesome treat. 

Trick #3 LEAVE IT 

The trick in teaching your best bud to leave something untouched is to make him understand that you’re giving him something more awesome in return if he leaves something untouched. 

How to teach your buddy: Place treat in each hand. Show him one of your clenched fists containing one treat and say the “Leave it” command. Ignore all his attempts to get the treat inside.   

Remember this: The moment he stops trying, give him the treat hidden in your other hand. Keep repeating this until he moves away from your first hand whenever you say the command. 

Whether you’re giving him treats for training or just because he’s been a good boy all day, make sure your dog gets aawesome treats for being such an awesome pet: Awesome Pawsome™.

Made from all-natural ingredients sourced from the cleanest place on Earth to make pet treats – New Zealand – Awesome Pawsome all-natural pet treats let your pets enjoy the food that you enjoy yourself. 


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